“ … I have never been able to properly explain myself in this climate.


Brandalism is a revolt against the corporate control of culture and space.

We are an international collective of artists that challenge corporate power, greed and corruption around the world.

Intervening into ad spaces that usually celebrate consumption, Brandalism use ‘subvertising’ as a lens through which we can view the intersectional social & environmental justice issues that capitalism creates.

Our interventions, exhibitions and workshops aim to agitate, educate and facilitate those who want to challenge corporate power.

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– Tactical Briefing #1

Alright you radicals, rebels and redeemers out there,

Once in every era, the call of history compels a small number of people — or even just one person — to steer the world in a fresh new direction. This is that call.

Why? The Earth is on fire. An unjust and destructive financial system threatens to pull everything down with it as it crumbles under its own weight. And the most disastrous pandemic in a century — having raged worldwide for more than a year — has exposed fatal systemic flaws that go all the way down to our most fundamental notions of how we ought to live and think as a species.

In short, we’re living through a three-pronged emergency the likes of which has barely even been imagined during the 300,000 years of our existence. We live everyday at the verge of planetary breakdown. And if we don’t reel ourselves back, we’ll face an existential crisis that may undo this entire experiment of ours on Planet Earth — forever.

Every week, we’ll issue a call to action on one of seven fronts — psycho, eco, corpo, financio, econo, politico and aesthetico — culminating in a Worldwide General Strike on September 17th, Occupy Wall Street’s 10th anniversary.



We are petitioning the Advertising, PR and Marketing awards to not give awards to ads or campaigns that help to make our planet less safe, or that pretend that fossil fuels are the solution to the climate crisis. To drive this message we are using the platform ‘fossil fuels are the new tobacco’.

We are looking for clever, fun and creative executions to help get more people to sign.

Why are fossil fuels the new tobacco?

They are bad for our health, our environment and our climate – plus there’s often better options.

Read more here and submit your creative to our open brief.https://t.co/CUZ8aTBtzx pic.twitter.com/vYIKzYg3QU

— Comms Declare 4 Climate (@CommsDeclare) May 18, 2021


Coal, oil are gas pollution cause 1 in 5 preventable deaths and are the biggest drivers of global warming.

Communicate ‘fossil fuels are the new tobacco’ and we’ll share in our campaigns against fossil fuel ads.@cleancreatives @ClimateAd @BrandalismUK pic.twitter.com/71NdISA5qM

— Comms Declare 4 Climate (@CommsDeclare) May 12, 2021


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